NEW Friendship With God KJV Study Bible!

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The Friendship With God KJV Study Bible with lambskin cover


Tom Cantor, owner of The Creation & Earth History Museum,  founder of Israel Restoration Ministries, and Bible teacher on the Friendship with God radio program has created the Friendship with God Study Bible. It’s a King James Study and Reference Bible with over 2,200 total pages, 13.5pt large font, and has over 600 pages of Bible helps and resources! The Friendship with God Study Bible has been printed with Finland thin paper printing technology to help minimize its thickness. It is covered in a black Lamb Skin Leather cover with gold lettering along with two gold ribbon page markers.

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Bible References – Over 30,000 Bible column and inline scripture references to help you connect scripture with scripture, precept upon precept, and line upon line.

12 custom-made full-color maps – Abraham’s journey map. Pre-Joshua map of Israel.           Tabernacle Dimension map. Tabernacle map featuring the Holy of Holies, Holy Place and Outer Courtyard. Tabernacle overview map featuring the encampment layout of Israel. David’s Kingdom map of Israel. David’s time and Israel today contrast map. Israel 2012 borders versus Israel’s borders promised by God map. Jerusalem temple map. Lord Jesus Christ in Israel Map. Paul’s missionary journey map. Paul’s arrest and travel to Rome map.

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History of Israel timeline map – A 9 page full-color History of Israel map that shows the beginning timeline of creation, to the establishment of the Abrahamic covenant, to Israel today.

Full Bible Concordance – Over 1,500 alphabetical listings of words and phrases found in the Bible which shows where the terms occur throughout all books of Scripture through cross-references for verses, helping you to understand the meaning of terms and the context in which those words are used. This is a very exhaustive Bible concordance.

Popular Bible Scriptures to Study and Memorize – Over 150 of the most popular verses and passages of the Bible to study and memorize from Genesis to Revelation, designed for you to quickly memorize for future use, and to meditate on to improve your friendship with God. 

Bible Reference Helps – This section will help you quickly find scriptural references to 114 popular Bible subjects and topics for whatever you are facing spiritually, and will quickly guide you to scripture on what God says about what you are facing to help strengthen your friendship with God.

Prophecy and Fulfillment – Hundreds and Hundreds of prophecy and fulfillment verses to study on the Lord Jesus Christ being the Jewish Messiah and God who became a man to die for the sins of the world. Each Old Testament reference to the Messiah is distinctively marked with a Jewish Star of David to let you know as you are reading along that the verse you are reading is a prophetic verse of the Jewish Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ. You won’t find this unique feature in any other study Bible.

Names of the Messiah – A distinctive Bible help showing you the names of the Messiah before, during, and after his exaltation here on earth. You won’t find this unique feature in any other study Bible.

The Life of Joseph – Another exclusive feature of the Friendship with God Study Bible is Tom Cantor’s illustrative parallel of the life of Joseph to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Jewish people past, present, and future. You will see how Joseph had a friendship with God so close that he is the greatest example of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Hebrew scriptures, and how God is not done with the Jewish people yet.

FAQ’s about the Jewish Messiah – Found in no other study Bible in the world, this popular section covers 35 of the most frequently asked questions or FAQ’s that Jewish people have about the Bible, and about the Lord Jesus Christ being the Jewish Messiah. Each question is answered in great biblical detail leaving no stone unturned in the study of who the Jewish Messiah really is.

Hebrew Root notations Over 100 of the most popular Hebrew roots so you can study out their application throughout the Old Testament, and the see their correlation to other verses and passages of scripture.

How to Receive the Jewish Messiah – A detailed Old Testament plan of salvation that is unique in how it presents the gospel and shows us how and why we need the Jewish Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, as our Savior.

Tour of the Bible Scripture Journey A special tour of the Bible through scripture references that shows you from the Old Testament what God has done for us so that we might have friendship with God.

Daily Bread reading notations A 12 month tracking calendar of how to read through the Bible in a year to help you know and grow your friendship with God.

Note pages – 7 full-size note pages for writing special remembrances during preaching or during your private friendship with God moments of Bible study.

Plus! Dozens of other personalized pages from Tom Cantor

The Friendship With God King James Version Study Bible will be available early in 2015.

You can preorder your copy for only $79.99 here:

2 responses to “NEW Friendship With God KJV Study Bible!

  1. I am a really big fan of Tom Cantor. I love to listen to him when I can. I want to buy a new study bible as the study bible I have used that I got from Dr. Henry Morris, as I knew that Dr. Morris was a firm believer in the preservation of God’s Word through the KJV. It has really worn out and had a new cover put on which totally wore out also. My question is : Does Tom Cantor believe in the preservation of god’s Word or does he use his study bible to correct all the supposed mistakes in the KJV. I really need to know because $80.00 plus dollars for a bible is a lot of money when one is living on a disability pension.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you Glenn for emailing and writing to us. Tom Cantor is a big fan of the KJV for its proven track record, beautiful poetic language, and for its anchor words that stick out to the reader and require some study. However, Tom Cantor does not adhere to the position of the translators being inspired by God, or what is commonly known as “Double Inspiration”. The KJV is a “translation” of the original Hebrew & Greek, and as a translation, the KJV has gone through several language updates and revision changes. The original Hebrew and Greek is what is inspired, however, we know that God has used the KJV to preserve His words. There are corrections to the KJV translation for modern language and for reader clarity, with column denotations on the original language. Likewise the Dr. Henry Morris Bible is a classic study Bible, but with time, and new scientific updates, there are many things that could be amended to further its notes for the reader.
      In the KJV for example in Exodus 20:13. The KJV says “Kill”, but every other translation since the KJV has rendered it “Murder”. Why? Because that is what the Hebrew word “râtsach” clearly means. Why did the translators say “Kill”, we don’t know. Why did they not update this? We don’t know, but we know that when a Hebrew reader reads Exodus 20:13 that it means murder, and to use “Kill” would invoke pacifism against war which is a Jehovah’s Witness position, and that is not the intended message of the translated meaning of the Hebrew word. There are several words in Hebrew that mean “Kill” in a general sense, but that is not what Exodus 20:13 says. Therefore, an update has been made to this, as it is clearly in need of a change, so as not to make the original intended message uncertain or cause misunderstandings. There are a handful of other words that have been given updated clarity as well to help the reader.
      We understand that you may want to continue to retain or adhere only to a strict original KJV translation, and we respect your decision for that. Please note, that the Friendship with God Bible does have over 600 pages of study resources and over 30,000 in column references which makes it a dynamic study bible should you chose to purchase one. The Bibles are going on sale tomorrow for $49.95 we hope this helps in your decision process. They will be on sale on our online store or stop by our bookstore at the Creation & Earth History Museum located at 10946 North Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071.
      Thank you for your time.

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