Upcoming Museum Events

Creation Museum Events 2011-2012
•   Systematic Theology Workshop in Spanish – Coming November 2011 – Teologia Sistematica (Basica) Systematic Theology (Basic) Nov. 7 – Dec. 5 7pm – 9pm
•   Star of Bethlehem –Join us for a Night under the Stars! Movie Night, Star Exploration & the Grand Opening of the new fiberoptic Stars Exhibit – December 16, 6pm -9pm – Members Free – Guests $10
•   Creation Club Workshop…s (Ages 3 – 12) (Starting November 2011 first Saturday of every month at 10AM) Members Free – Guests $5
Activities Include:
o     Dinosaurs & Dragons Workshop – Dinosaur tooth necklace
o     Complexity of the Human Cell –  build an edible cell out of Jell-O
o     Fun with Fossils – “Fossilized” hand prints
o     Noah’s Ark, Flood Legends – Build an origami boat to float
o     Creeping Things Reptile Encounter  – hands on with reptiles & amphibians
2012 Events
•   Museum Day September 22, 2012
•   Creation Field Tours – The  Grand Canyon Tour 2012 and  local day trips to some less than familiar locations with a creationist tour guide to put things in perspective. Ask a museum representative for more information on joining an upcoming tour.

For more information visit our events page online at  www.creationsd.org

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