Upcoming Museum Events

Creation Museum Events 2011-2012
•   Systematic Theology Workshop in Spanish – Coming November 2011 – Teologia Sistematica (Basica) Systematic Theology (Basic) Nov. 7 – Dec. 5 7pm – 9pm
•   Star of Bethlehem –Join us for a Night under the Stars! Movie Night, Star Exploration & the Grand Opening of the new fiberoptic Stars Exhibit – December 16, 6pm -9pm – Members Free – Guests $10
•   Creation Club Workshop…s (Ages 3 – 12) (Starting November 2011 first Saturday of every month at 10AM) Members Free – Guests $5
Activities Include:
o     Dinosaurs & Dragons Workshop – Dinosaur tooth necklace
o     Complexity of the Human Cell –  build an edible cell out of Jell-O
o     Fun with Fossils – “Fossilized” hand prints
o     Noah’s Ark, Flood Legends – Build an origami boat to float
o     Creeping Things Reptile Encounter  – hands on with reptiles & amphibians
2012 Events
•   Museum Day September 22, 2012
•   Creation Field Tours – The  Grand Canyon Tour 2012 and  local day trips to some less than familiar locations with a creationist tour guide to put things in perspective. Ask a museum representative for more information on joining an upcoming tour.

For more information visit our events page online at  www.creationsd.org

The Dead Sea Scrolls Come to Life

Creation and Earth History Museum
In a project coordinated by Google, high-resolution photographs of five of the Dead Sea Scrolls can now be viewed and examined online. Read this blog post by Lance Whitney on Cutting Edge.

Welcome to the official Blogosphere of the Creation and Earth History Museum

Welcome to the Creation and Earth History Museum. This museum was designed, built and operated by the Institute for Creation Research for nearly 20 years. Upon the Institutes recent move to Dallas, Texas, the museum, along with the building, was sold to Scantibodies Laboratory, Inc. Tom Cantor, the founder and owner of Scantibodies Laboratory, along with his wife Cheryl formed a non-profit 501(c)(…3) ministry called Life and Light Foundation, from which to run the museum. Now owned and operated by the Life and Light Foundation, the museum will remain a show case for a literal six day young earth creation model, as well as expanding the emphasis on the incredible design found in that creation. With plans for future expansion of the museum and resource center, Life and Light Foundation looks forward to serving the Christian community.
Admission is $7 for adults, $5 for seniors (60+), $3 for youth (5-12), and children 4 and under are FREE.
Located at:
10946 Woodside Avenue North, Santee, CA 92071
Hours of operation:
Monday – Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Closed all Sundays and major holidays
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