Grandstaircase Adventure Tour


Join us on the Grand Canyon-Grand Staircase Adventure!

The Grand Staircase refers to an immense sequence of sedimentary rock layers that stretch south from Bryce Canyon National Park through Zion National Park and into the Grand Canyon. In the 1870s, geologist Clarence Dutton first conceptualized this region as a huge stairway ascending out of the bottom of the Grand Canyon northward with the cliff edge of each layer forming giant steps.


Trip date: June 5-11 , 2014

7 Days & 6 Night Trip

Hosted by professional creation speaker and field tour guide Russ Miller of Creation, Evolution, Science Ministries

Russ Miller


$1199 per Adult, $799 for Children Ages 7-16

Prices based on double occupancy $300 deposit, balance due 4-1-14   

Grand Staircase:  Few are aware strata layers a mile deep are missing from above the rim of Grand Canyon (only a global flood can explain such erosion). The layers are picked up in The Grand Staircase which includes Bryce and Zion National Parks with remnants found near Grand Canyon.

bryceBryce, often referred to as a cave without a zionceiling, is at the top of the Staircase where the massive erosional event ended, leaving spires, arches and mazes in the multi-colored limestones.  Zion is a part of one of the steps and consists of towering sandstone cliffs and deep slot canyons, adorned in creamy, pink and red hues.

Add the one-day raft trip from the base of Glen Canyon Dam throughcanyon Glen Canyon (above) and Our “Grand Staircase Tour” is one powerful Creation-based journey. 


This trip includes visiting the Grand Canyon – North and South Rim, Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, a ½ day raft trip of Colorado River in Glen Canyon, hiking, round trip bus transportation from San Diego, quality hotel accommodations,  3 great meals per day, admission fees, and teaching on a geological evidences for the Genesis flood and the creationist model of life’s origins. Time is running out! Book your tour today!


For more information call 619.599.1104

Free Membership with Plasma Donation

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Good Friday Event – HE IS RISEN

Good Friday 5 x 7 Good Friday 5 x 7 Back

Join the Creation & Earth History Museum for Good Friday Worship Service and Communion.

The event will be here in the museum auditorium, Good Friday, April 18th beginning at 6:00 pm.

Creation speaker  Bill Morgan will be presenting the message, “Life from Non-life and the Miracle of the Resurrection.” Bill is a renowned speaker and a Creation vs. evolution debate specialist and he runs the website, “Fish Don’t Walk.”

Tom Cantor will provide Communion Service. Mr. Cantor is the President and CEO of Scantibodies Laboratory, owner of the Creation & Earth History Museum, and  host of the Friendship With God radio ministry.

We hope to see you here for an edifying time of worship and fellowship!

Dinosaurs! Every Saturday at 3pm!



Are you curious about dinosaurs?

How do they fit in to the factual biblical account of science and history?

What happened to the dinosaurs?

Are dinosaurs in the Bible?

Did dinosaurs live with man?

Find out all this and more at the Creation & Earth History Museum.

Dinoasaurs have become hackneyed propoganda utilized by evolutionists today to promote the myths of long ages and biological evolution. This is precisely why it is so important to explain true biblical history and how dinosaurs fit in to this worldview. We will be giving an hour long, fun, family-oriented presentation every Saturday at 3pm to cover this hot topic.


Register Now for CTI’s Basic Creation Training Course



Basic Creation Training Course

A must course for teens, parents, youth leaders and educators!

Course Instructor: Mike Riddle (President CTI)

This one-day course is designed to prepare Christians to speak about and defend the biblical account of creation with confidence and be better equipped to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Learn how to respond to the claims of evolution; in the workplace, in school, and by your peers.

*Course includes lunch and a 100 page manual.

Creation Training Initiative (CTI) is a biblically-based education and aoplogetics ministry dedicated to equipping and training Christians to defend their faith and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ effectively. Website: Email:


  • Establishing a biblical worldview
  • Dismantling the 4 pillars of evolution
  • The Genesis Flood, geology and the fossil record
  • Critical thinking and evolution How to handle objections to a 6-day creation

About the Instructor: Mike Riddle is Founder and President of CTI. He is an international speaker and teacher on biblical creation and apologetics. He has been teaching creation for over 30 years and was a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps and national champion in track and field.

When: March 1, 2014

Where: Creation and Earth History Museum – 10946 Woodside Ave. N., Santee, CA (619)599.1104

Time: 8:30am – 5:30pm

Cost: $45

Register Here

Creation Training Initiative Course 3/1/14



Course Date

Saturday, March 1

Course Location

Creation & Earth History Museum

10946 Woodside Ave N, Santee, CA 92071

Course Start Time

8:30 AM (includes breaks every hour and lunch)

Course End Time

5:30 PM

Target Audience

Teens and above (This is a great course for getting high school students trained to defend their faith)

Course Format

Classroom format (lecture, student interaction, and written exercises – these are not tests or quizzes)



This course is certified for one Continuing Education Unit (CEU) for Christian school teachers



 To prepare Christians to be able to speak about and defend the biblical account of creation with confidence and be better equipped to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ (biblical discipleship). Our goal includes building an Army of Christian Educators.


The cost of the course ($45) includes the full day of training, lunch and snacks. Discounts are available for families (call to find out more: 859-250-7987). Students should make checks out to the either the sponsoring Creation & Earth History Museum or to CTI. If checks are made to the museum, then the museum can make one check payable to CTI. You can also call the Creation & Earth History Museum at (619) 599-1104 to register.


The recommended minimum class size is 20 students. The recommended maximum class size is 100 students.

Course Outline

Chapter 1: The Bible and Time

·         The 7C’s of history

·         Genesis and time (Creation)

§  The perfect creation

§  Genesis 1-11 and time

·         Establishing a biblical worldview

§  Matthew 22:37

§  2 Timothy 3:16-17

§  Challenges and Warnings

·         The days of creation – Interpreting the days of creation using Scripture

§  Hermeneutics – establishing the ground rules

§  The Bible and “day”

·         The issue of sin, death, and time (Corruption)

§  Literal interpretation versus a non-literal interpretation

§  Genesis 1:31 and very good

·         Handling objections

§  2 Peter 3:8

§  Plant death before the Fall

§  The gap theory

§  Genesis 2:4

§  Genesis is not real history

·         Did God use evolution?


Chapter 2: The Flood and the Tower of Babel

·         The Genesis Flood (Catastrophe)

§  Why did God destroy the earth?

§  The Flood and hermeneutics

§  The Flood and critical thinking

§  The Flood and the New Testament

§  The Flood and geology

§  The Flood and the fossil record

·         The Tower of Babel and race

§  The origin of languages

§  Why we look different and the issue of “race”


Chapter 3: Biblical Apologetics

·      What is apologetics?

·      Why study and practice apologetics?

·      Three critical thinking questions

·      A question about fossils

·      Who did Cain marry?

·      How can the first three days be literal days without the sun?

·      Is the big bang compatible with the Bible?

·      Why does God allow death and suffering?

·      The Gospel and apologetics

·      Class exercise

Chapter 4: Four Pillars of Evolution

·         Cosmological evolution (the origin of the universe)

·         Chemical evolution (the origin of life)

·         Biological evolution (Darwinian evolution)

§  Mutations and information

§  Natural selection – how does it work?

·         Methods used to date rocks and fossils

§  Understanding assumptions

§  Conflicts in dating

Chapter 5: Application – Answering Challenges

Answering 10 challenges




You can find a promo located on the CTI web site (



Creation Training Initiative

Building an Army of Christian Educators


The mission of Creation Training Initiative is to train-up Christians worldwide to be effective teachers and speakers on the subject of biblical creation and apologetics, so that, they can, in turn, equip the next generation with the knowledge and skills to defend their faith against the teachings of evolution and compromise.

And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.

2 Timothy 2:2


Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it

Proverbs 22:6

DNA and Logic

DNA and Logic 4_edited-1

DNA and Logic

There is no natural explanation for information that has (1) an encoded message with (2) an expected action with (3) an envisioned purpose, apart from an intelligent source.  This is a tested universal law of information with no exceptions.  The sender-receiver nature of the information in DNA is an empirically observable fact.  The instructions for forming (synthesizing) proteins are stored on individual DNA molecules which are located in the cellular nucleus and in the mitochondria within the cell’s cytoplasm.  DNA is a chemical information molecule, where the chemical “letters” are four different nucleotide bases:  adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G), and cytosine (C).   These letters are grouped into three-letter “words” called codons, each of which specifies/represents either a particular amino acid or a command to “start” or “stop” an action.  The complex process of this ingenious sender-receiver communication, transcription, translation, and consequent action accounts for all biological functions relating to the very existence of life.  The idea that this kind of information could have originated from mindless chance is an abandonment of logic to support a crumbling worldview that does not honestly square with the known and obvious facts.  As noted by Dr. Werner Gitt, Ph.D. (the information scientist and control engineer who worked for more than 30 years as a director and professor at the Federal Institute of Physics and Technology in Brunswick, Germany), this is where the logic of information should lead us:

The information encoded in DNA far exceeds all our current technologies. Hence, no human being could possibly qualify as the Sender, who must therefore be sought outside of our visible world, since the original Sender:(1) ingeniously encoded the information into the DNA molecules, (2) must have designed the complex bio-machinery that decodes the information and carries out all the processes of biosynthesis, and (3) created all the details of the original construction and reproductive capacities of all living things. 

Because there has never been a process in the material world demonstrable through observation or experiment in which this kind of coded information has arisen without prior intelligence, this principle must also be valid for this quality of information present in all living things. What we do observe about this kind of information is that it intrinsically depends upon an original act of intelligence to construct it.  Only a Supreme Being with capacities far beyond our own possesses that kind of power and intellect.  This is the only reasonable conclusion that one can honestly reach, leaving no room for an unreasonable worldview.  There is a lot more riding on this than winning an argument.  God is communicating to us through His creation and His Word.  He is offering His salvation to all who will receive Him (John 1:12,13).   All who trust Him are saved forever.  All others are “without excuse” (Romans 1:20).  There is no mistake more costly than this.

written by David Edwin Hall

See more of David’s writings here: